H-Bar Drill

easily transported and operated in confined spaces - time saving alternative to using rig mounted drills

The H-Bar Drill is a high torque, pneumatically powered machine for drilling holes in the floor of mines, concrete and earth. It is fitted with a robust 70mm SGI motor and gear box, which has cone and cup bearings in the top end to withstand end loads when drilling.

The motor is fitted with RAMBOR'S unique silencer system with noise levels recorded as low as 84 dB(A) at the coal face area, higher rates up to 95 dB(A) would be obtained in workshop areas constructed of masonry or iron walls. The design of the silencer also ensures that oil misting on discharge is kept to an absolute minimum.

The 'H' design handle is constructed from durable stainless steel and is designed to be used by two operators, each with their own easy to use trigger control to enhance safety. The H-Bar Drill can be supplied in different chuck options to suit applications and features through spindle water coolant and flushing (dry drilling option also available).


  • Easy trigger operation
  • Dual controlled for safety
  • Robust high-torque motor
  • Rugged construction - stainless steel frame
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