Spiling Rig

a safer and cost saving way of managing roof guttering

The RAMBOR Spiling Rig is designed to overcome the costly and dangerous problems of severe roof guttering in bad strata. This versatile drill rig is pedestal mounted on a Continuous Miner and allows Operators to safely install spiles without being under unsupported roof.

The rig has been designed to drill at approximately 5 degrees from horizontal. The Spiling Rig can be configured to install standard bolts in roof and rib or the HILTI 'OneStep' self drilling bolt, to optimise underground development productivity and increase safety.

The RAMBOR Spiling Rig is hydraulic powered with direct integration with the Continuous Miner's hydraulic system, there is also the option of pneumatic actuation. This conversion only takes 20-30 minutes and allows the Spiling Rig to be easily deployed in areas where there is no hydraulic power. The rig can easily be dismantled down to its major components for easy transportation or roof storage, out of the way but remaining accessible for rapid re-installation when required.


  • Designed for installation of 2.5 metre long HILTI 'OneStep' self drilling bolts
  • Easy assembly/disassembly for rapid response, storage and transportation.
  • Hydraulic powered; direct integration with the Continuous Miner's hydraulic system
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Option of alternative pneumatic powered actuation

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