Grout Pump

mobile and easy to clean - for swift application of grout

The RAMBOR Grout Pump is a robust and versatile machine for mixing and pumping of grout or Tekflex. Built for use in demanding underground or civil construction environments, the Grout Pump can be supplied as a steerable mobile unit to save lifting, or without wheels as a static unit.

The RAMBOR Grout Pump utilises a powerful helical rotor pump capable of pumping over 20 metres at 4 metres head pressure. The unit is constructed from durable stainless steel and can quickly be broken down into four sections. The plastic mixer drum can easily be removed from the base for ease of cleaning.


  • Hand height controls
  • Mobile unit can easily be wheeled into confined locations
  • No valves to block up
  • Quick release - easily dismantles into 4 sections
  • Easy to clean plastic mixer pump
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