Double Reduction Motor

efficient and flexible air motor - suitable for many applications

The RAMBOR Double Reduction Motor (DRM) is a lightweight pneumatic motor designed to achieve high torque and low air consumption. Uses for this motor include monorails, conveyors, pumps, winches, grout and resin mixers.

The DRM features an isolation valve which also allows variable speed control up to 375rpm. It comes with SAE 2-bolt flange so can be used for easy replacement of hydraulic motors. Shaft has an M30 thread, though can also be supplied with 19hex, 22hex or 1" square drive chucks.

The RAMBOR Double Reduction Motor is available in a number of different torque and speed outputs to suit application.


  • High torque pneumatic motor with low air consumption
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Available in different configurations to suit requirement
  • Variable speed control
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