reduce risks of Operator manual handling injuries when installing heavy roof cables and bolts

The RAMBOR Trussmaster is a free standing complete pneumatic drilling system for the installation of heavy roof cables and bolts. The design incorporates a Drill Guide which acts as a cable pusher, giving a powerful 907 kgf of push on the cable

The Drill Carriage enables the longest drilling stroke possible in the roof height where it is operating and is powered by a double acting pneumatic cylinder that powers up and down.

The Trussmaster has a single Stinger Leg which also powers up and down, so will not get stuck in the roof when trying to move to the next drilling position.


  • Improved productivity and Operator safety when installing heavy roof cables
  • Removable buggy can be fitted to either side of the frame making movement and transportation easier
  • Low maintenance stainless steel frame construction
  • Remote handheld controls allow operation from safe zone
  • Available in different configurations to suit seam height up to 3.4m
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 Watch video - Cable Installation